Evelyn Sinclair
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I function as a one-person advertising agency.

I work as a graphic artist/writer producing images and written material for small businesses. This includes advertising, brochures and web sites.




Helped found Theta Digital Corporation, a US manufacturer of luxury consumer electronics. Created sales literature for retailers and advertisements that ran in national magazines. Was contact person for advertising contracts. Wrote/edited all important written communications for the company. Co-created aesthetic design of components.

Maintained the company's website. Communicated to online (forum) communites as the company's spokesperson.

Title was Vice President in charge of communications.


Filed for a patent in 2001 for a Personal Inventory Management System, which was granted in 2005 (Patent # 6851611). The device and web site associated with the system are in development, and can be examined in detail at Groqit.com.


Helped found a company making high-performance CD players, California Audio Labs. Created written material for the company. Conducted photo-shoots as art director, did writing, layout and paste-up of brochures and advertisements. As a writer, I translated engineers’ descriptions of product design features into benefits for potential consumers.


Used Photoshop and Illustrator software to produce advertisements for national magazines.


Helped start and run Absolute Audio, a retail store specializing in high-performance home music playback systems. Worked on sales floor and managed two stores. Wrote weekly classified ads, directed photo shoots and created pictorial ads, designed store brochures.


Illustrated a book on Wilderness Emergency Care, providing 30+ original line drawings and covers.


I am self-taught. I learn new skills as needed. At the age of 14 I was hired to do portraits in pastels for the summer. I am proficient with watercolors, oil paints, and several other media, including three- dimensional ones. I enjoy doing original design work of all kinds.

Other qualifications:

I do not require supervision to make sure I meet deadlines. Since 1995, I have worked at home "telecommuting" rather than at company facilities. This is my preferred work environment, except when in-person meetings would be beneficial.

I am currently working with engineers and designers in China, and programmers in the US to bring the Groqit project to frution, without in-person meetings. This approach has proved to be very efficient.

I am presently learning 3D CAD skills to present my Industrial Designs as fully as possible, to improve my ability to communicate (in 3D!) with overseas fabricators and to facilitate rapid prototyping.


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